courchevel chalet

Courchevel, France

Courchevel offer the best between forests and breathtaking panoramas.

World capital of ski with 6 villages, 3 valley and the largest estate of France.

Everything in Courchevel is high-end, starting of course with the wonderfully wide ski area but also different Michelin-starred restaurants gastronomy with the best chef, luxury shopping, luge racing, dog sledging, animated night life, snowmobile, amazing spa or just going on the highest point of La Saulire to have the most beautiful view on Courchevel.

The hotels are incredible like the Hotel K2, the choubichou… ect

And all the amazing luxury chalets with indoor pool, spa, private chef…

They are all are close to the slopes.

You have many possibilities to arrive to Courchevel, train, plane with transfer or helicopter which will give you a beautiful fly over the Alps.

For your unforgettable winter vacation come and stay in Courchevel and be sure you will

St tropez overview

cinema cannes

Cannes film festival

The festival was originally created to reward the best film, the best director, the best actor and the best actress. Over the years, other prizes awarded by a jury of professionals, artists and intellectuals have been added to the prestige of Cannes, such as the Jury Prize, the Grand Prix and above all the Palme d’Or. It is the largest film festival in the world, founded 70 years ago. It lasts for a fortnight, from 17 to 28 May.

Every day, several films are shown in the city’s cinemas and are seen by hundreds of journalists, who then give their opinion, but also by many film lovers. The festival is very famous for its “montée des marches”: every day, more or less famous actors, but also TV and advertising personalities, walk the red carpet. Just below, in the basement of the Palais des Festivals, is the international film market.

Just like in a real market, there are dozens of stands, and more than 10,000 professionals from all over the world meet there to buy or sell films, and to be able to screen them in cinemas a few months later.

Come and experience Cannes!
restaurant bar cannes

Cannes Restaurant & Bar

When you come to Cannes, you know in advance that you will
eat well: grilled southern vegetables, freshly caught rock fish,
salads in the colours of summer… all you need is a drizzle of
local olive oil and a small glass of rosé, and you have the perfect
picture of a holiday meal with Provencal sauce.

Come and experience Cannes!
sport activities cannes

Sport & Activities

Let’s go to Cannes for leisure activities with family or
friends! Parasailing, giant paddle, sea excursions… there is
something for everyone!

Come and experience Cannes!
plage cannes

Cannes Beach

Cannes in 2 words: sun and beach. The Cannes coastline is
made up of nearly 8 kilometres of beaches. At the beginning, Cannes was a winter resort for rich foreigners, but today it is appreciated for its generous and benevolent sunshine all year round. Between public and private beaches, let yourself be tempted by this sweet promise of idleness.

Come and experience Cannes!
hotels cannes

Cannes Hotels

Throughout the year, Cannes welcomes visitors who love luxury and glitter or simply want to get away from it all. Its stylish infrastructure reflects its richness by offering top-of-the-range services.

Come and experience Cannes!


Don’t miss the cultural life in Cannes, the agenda is full all year long !  
Theatre and musical evenings, as well as dance in all its forms, will punctuate the entire season.

Come and experience Cannes!


It is the first in Europe to be fully equipped with Dolby Atmos and the first in France with Dolby Cinema technology. But more than just cinemas, the Cinéum de
Cannes is also a place to live and a cultural centre with immersive experiences behind the scenes of films.

Come and experience Cannes!


The architectural heritage of Cannes is a sign of two key periods in local history: the Middle Ages and the end of the 19th century.Located on the heights of the historic district of Cannes, the Museum of World Explorations, formerly the Musée de la Castre, offers you a journey through primitive art, orientalism and antiquities. You will also discover temporary exhibitions…

Come and experience Cannes!
helicoptere cannes


Cannes Helicopter Service offers tailor made helicopter transfers from Cannes. Exclusive services to make your helicopter flight from or to Cannes a moment of total relaxation while saving you precious time.

Come and experience Cannes!
architecture cannes


The villas in Cannes bear witness to the trends that have followed : from the eclecticism of the 19th century to the search for the Mediterranean house from the 1920s. Then in the 19th century, the infatuation for ancient civilisations and exotic cultures influenced the builders.

Come and experience Cannes!
ile de lerin cannes

Ile de Lerin

Facing the bay of Cannes and the Estérel massif: the Lérins Islands. Archipelago of legends, Sainte-Marguerite and SaintHonorat are two unique jewels where natural and cultural heritage shine. These islands are a must-see during a stay in Cannes.

Come and experience Cannes!
suquet vieux port cannes

Suquet - Vieux Port

Le Suquet is the oldest district of Cannes. A historic district on top of which are the remains of the medieval castle of the monks of Lérins as well as the oldest parish church in Cannes, the Notre-Dame-de-l’Espérance church.

Come and experience Cannes!
la croisette cannes

La Croisette

Top 1 of Cannes’ identity, this long promenade lined with palm trees and pines is the natural and sophisticated link between the beach and the city.

Come and experience Cannes!
city center cannes

Cannes City Center

International designer boutiques and art galleries rub shoulders with restaurants and open-air cocktail bars located in the centre of Cannes.

Come and experience Cannes!
provencal market

Provencal Market

The Provencal market in the Bocca district of Cannes is held on Mondays, Tuesday to Friday, Saturdays and Sundays.

Come and experience Cannes!
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